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Revive your bathtub with our bathtub refinishing.

Our bathtub reglazing or bathtub refinishing can be completed in just a few hours and most tubs can be used just 24 hours later.

Bathtub refinishing and bathtub reglazing both refer to the process of applying a new finish to an old, worn or outdated fixture.

Revive your shower stall or tub and surround with a Tile Revive professional bath and shower cleaning.

Revive your tile and grout with a high pressure Turbo grout cleaning. We can also recolor your grout with grout stain that has an added grout sealer.

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Repair your leaking shower stall or tub surround.

Repair loose, missing and cracked grout.

Regrout entire floors and shower walls.

Repair cracked plastic or fiberglass tubs and showers.

We specialize in identifying the cause and correcting the problem.

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Replace your old leaking shower with a complete rebuild.

Replace bathroom floors with new tile and grout. We can even tile over existing tile floor with new modern tile saving you money and headache.

Replace your old vanity and accessories.

We can do a complete remodel of your bathroom.


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We're a small, family owned company. We strive for perfection, saving you time, money and typical construction headaches while providing exceptional customer service.

Unlike most companies, we can provide multiple construction options to accommodate a variety of needs and budgets.

We offer quick, zero pressure, free estimates.


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